Giving Her a Chance to


Ours is an undertaking to seek out academically capable girls and help them with funding to propel their education; while also...


We help in promoting women's and girls' health and wellbeing in Lesotho, including family planning; supporting health education and...


Through our livelihood training programs, we train rural women in such areas as entrepreneurship, farming, computer skills,...


Our work also involves designing appropriate ICTs that can be used to foster women’s development at grassroot levels. We see technology as...

Our Objectives

To increase the quality of education and life guidance received by girl children living in rural areas of Lesotho, as well as those who may be disadvantaged in other ways(e.g., by poverty, disability, etc.).

To advocate for the rights of women and girls in Lesotho, and to educate women about their rights in society.

To help improve women’s health and wellbeing in Lesotho, as well as to support health promotion for women and girls.

To bring inspiration and empowerment to the disadvantaged women of Lesotho, developing their life skills and cultivating entrepreneurial aspirations in their communities, thereby improving their quality of life and their ability to provide for their families, while also contributing to the development of the nation at large.

To design and develop appropriate information and communication technologies (ICTs) that can be used to foster women’s development at grass-root levels. We see technology as a powerful tool that can be used for women’s advancement, and one that can help us achieve the rest of our objectives.